Training that propels your team forward so that you meet your objectives

Trained staff feel valued, can confidently carry out their duties, giving you peace of mind that you will meet your Organisation’s goals.
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Expertly trained staff, soar in confidence, feel valued and stay in your team.

Poorly trained staff require more of your time. Time you don’t have!

Trained teams, work consistently, efficiently and safely.

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Lift Your Teams Confidence & Competence & Drop Your Risks of a Serious Incident

More Time and
Less Worry

Trained staff need less support, saving you time. Having the responsibilities you do can be a big worry. Effective training means staff either avoid incidents totally, or can handle them professionally, should they occur.

Maximise Your
Training Budget

Make your budget stretch with our customised training solutions that help you train more staff at a lower cost.

Retain Your

Expertly trained staff feel valued and enjoy being able to confidently carry out their role. Happy staff stay with you, leading to very high levels of Organisational experience.
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Boost Your Business With High Quality Training That Works

At Edify Training we understand only too well the pressures facing organisations today, with the need to achieve and retain regulatory compliance an ever-present concern that can distract from day-to-day operational activities.

With escalating costs, it can seem counter-intuitive to allocate money to training when budgets are already stretched, not to mention the effect on staffing levels when team members are diverted from their main duties to attend training sessions.

However, high-quality training is an investment in both your employees and your organisation, not only empowering staff to carry out their duties more productively with new found confidence, but also giving them a sense of value and greater job satisfaction which in turn results in greater workforce retention.

With options for elearning, virtual, blended and face-to-face training, we can provide customised training plans that work around your schedules, minimising disruption to day-to-day activities whilst optimising productivity – in essence a training solution that suits the needs of your organisation.

With over 150 courses available, we can work with you to identify the challenges facing your organisation, developing a bespoke training solution to address your specific needs and suit your budget. Using a variety of interactive techniques such as gamification, role play and case studies, information imparted during the sessions is retained more effectively by delegates.

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