Careers at Edify Training

Our clients want amazing training experiences, helping them to elevate their teams so that they are easily retained so that their Organisational goals are achieved.
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Our Team Members Describe Themselves as:


Are you committed to coming across in a professional manner, whatever the circumstance?


Training is, in large part, a performance. Can you hold a groups attention and leave them feeling inspired to achieve more?


Are you honest and transparent in the way you communicate?
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What Makes Working at Edify Training so Special?

Working for Edify Training would be both rewarding and challenging. We believe that our team plays an essential role in society, helping to ensure that people stay safe in Care facilities, Schools and wider Commercial settings.

We help Organisations to meet their goals by ensuring that their investment in staff training is repaid by elevating their team to new levels of performance. Staff feel supported and valued so retention is maximised. This reduces the need for Management time recruiting and supervising new staff – time that most Managers would love to have back!

Working with Edify Training, you could have a varied and exciting career, working in a number of possible areas in the business. We are growing and this opens up new opportunities, new projects and the chance to play a part in our continued success, which in turn offers personal success.

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Everybody at Edify Training is Very Disciplined at:

We actively listen to what our client is telling us so that we understand their needs.
Getting caught up in minor detail detracts from finding effective solutions. We work hard to keep things simple and stay focused on solving client’s needs.
Whether verbally or in writing, we communicate our findings and solutions clearly.
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