Boost Your Public Speaking Skills Training

Course Description

Approaching an important presentation or a key public speech can be daunting, whether you are talking to a small or large audience, inside or outside your own organisations. Many of us also have to present in our personal lives. This course provides the key skills to ensure success.

Delegates learn how to make the most of their voice and body language and how to calm their nerves when presenting. The course provides guidance on content and how to handle those tricky questions during any Q & A session. The training is delivered by a professional actor. Who better to help hone a performance?

This course helps delegates to understand and control their nerves when talking in key meetings and when presenting or public speaking.

Boost Your Public Speaking Skills Training

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC0410N/A1/2 DayContinuous--

Course Programme

  • Introduction and course overview
  • The importance of preparation
  • Tips for ensuring that content is appropriate for the audience
  • Breathing and relaxation methods to settle nerves
  • Body language to make a first and lasting impression
  • How to excite an audience and use your voice effectively
  • How to keep your audience interested
  • How to deal with difficult questions during the Q&A session
  • Course evaluation

Course Downloads

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