Equality & Diversity


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3 Years


1/2 Day



This course is primarily for staff who work within a health and social care setting but can be tailored for Education and Commercial Sector clients. This sector has been pioneering in terms of the diversity of its staff and client base. It is therefore of fundamental importance for staff to explore equality and cultural differences to ensure a fair, co-operative and effective workplace.

Suitable for:

Care, Education and Commercial

Care, Education and Commercial

Working with colleagues and service users from other countries or cultures can be challenging if experienced without proper understanding. They may approach work tasks totally differently and have alternative priorities. Body language can differ and common use phrases can get misunderstood. This course raises awareness and encourages delegates to celebrate the differences which can unite rather than divide us all.


  • Introduction and course overview

Course Programme

  • Relevant legal framework
  • Equality defined
  • Diversity defined
  • Discrimination and attitudes to difference
  • Values
  • Language issues
  • Embracing vs accepting
  • Key areas to expect differences
  • Monitoring for success
  • Course evaluation