Cannulation Training

Course Description

Cannulation Training is an advanced program designed for qualified healthcare workers, such as nurses and paramedics, to enhance their skills in performing peripheral intravenous cannulation. Cannulation is a critical procedure that involves inserting a cannula into a patient's vein to administer medications, fluids, or obtain blood samples. This course aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, techniques, and confidence to perform safe and efficient cannulation procedures.

Successful completion of the Cannulation Training alongside additional competency sign off in the workplace will equip qualified healthcare workers with the expertise to perform cannulation safely and effectively. Participants will be prepared to apply these skills in various clinical settings, contributing to improved patient care and positive patient experiences.

Cannulation Training Maidstone Kent

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC01111 year½ dayFormal--

Course Programme

  • Introduction to Cannulation
  • Anatomy and Vascular Access
  • Infection Control and Aseptic Technique
  • Cannulation Equipment and Supplies
  • Cannulation Procedure
  • Complications and Risk Management
  • Pain Management and Patient Comfort
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Practical Cannulation Skills Workshop
  • Course Evaluation and Conclusion
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