Food Hygiene Training - Level 1

Course Description

This course is for all staff who during the course of their work, come into contact with food through preparation, serving or working in the kitchen. Staff will gain knowledge of correct practices and the consequences of failing to implement these.

10 Bugs in your food can multiply to more than one million in just 12 hours. – Food Standards Agency

Food Hygiene Training - Level 1

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC0204 (Basic)3 Years1/2 DayContinuous or Formal-Highfield

Course Programme

  • Introduction & course overview
  • Legislation
  • Food hygiene hazards
  • Importance of temperature
  • Refrigeration, cold holding, chilling
  • Cooking, reheating, hot holding
  • Safe storage
  • Preparation
  • Food handling
  • Hand cleaning
  • Premises and equipment
  • Food allergens
  • Assessment (where accredited)
  • Course evaluation

Course Downloads

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