IV Drug Therapy Training

Course Description

Intravenous (IV) Drug Therapy Training is a comprehensive program designed for healthcare professionals, such as nurses to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for safe and effective administration of intravenous medications. IV drug therapy plays a crucial role in patient care, requiring precision and adherence to best practices. This course aims to equip participants with the expertise to deliver IV medications with confidence and minimise the risks associated with IV drug administration.

Successful completion of the IV Drug Therapy Training, along with separate competency assessment records completed in the work setting, will enable healthcare professionals to deliver IV medications safely, efficiently, and with precision. Participants will be equipped to handle various challenges and complications associated with IV drug therapy, ensuring high-quality patient care and improved outcomes.

IV Drug Therapy Training Maidstone Kent

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC01171 Year½ DayFormal--

Course Programme

  • Introduction to IV Drug Therapy
  • Anatomy and Physiology for IV Drug Administration
  • IV Drug Administration Equipment and Safety
  • Medication Preparation and Compatibility
  • IV Drug Administration Techniques
  • Recognising and Managing IV Drug Therapy Complications
  • IV Drug Therapy in Specific Patient Populations
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of IV Drug Therapy
  • Practical Hands-on Training
  • Demonstrations and practice sessions for IV catheter insertion
  • Simulated IV drug administration scenarios
  • Feedback and guidance from experienced trainers
  • Course Evaluation and Conclusion
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