Parent and Carer First Aid

Course Description

Elevate your caregiving role with our Parent and Carer First Aid course. Gain the confidence to respond swiftly in emergencies, bridging the crucial gap until professional help arrives.

Equip yourself with essential skills, from basic first aid to life-saving techniques.

Be the proactive guardian your loved ones need.

This course teaches the techniques required to maintain life until qualified medical assistance can take over.

Delegates will learn how to conduct primary and secondary assessment including placing child into the recovery position.

They will also learn the principles of resuscitation.

Parent and Carer First Aid

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC0104.21 Years1/2 DayContinuous--

Course Programme

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Actions to take in an emergency
  • Primary assessment
  • Secondary assessment
  • Recovery position
  • Resuscitation principles & practice
  • Course evaluation
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