Wound Care & Tissue Viability Training

Course Description

This course is for qualified staff who already have a basic understanding of wounds including pressure sores and require further training in their practical management. Attending delegates will learn about wound etiology, phases & assessment, exudate, debridement and the choice of dressings and their application. The course is titled Wound Care when booked as a half day and Tissue Viability when the more in-depth full-day variant is selected.

Delegates attending this course will benefit from having previously attended our SC0107 Pressure Area Care course.

Wound Care & Tissue Viability Training

Course Information

Course Number Course Validity Course Duration Course Assessment Course Accreditation Course Approvals
SC0107.11 Year1/2 DayContinuous--
SC0107.21 Year1 DayContinuous

Course Programme

  • Introduction & course overview
  • Subject knowledge assessment
  • Professional, legal & ethical issues of wound management
  • Wound etiology
  • Wound types
  • Wound phases / healing
  • Factors affecting healing
  • Dressing types & selection
  • Course evaluation

Course Downloads

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